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San Miguel Golf Society Committee Meeting


Venue:         La Finca                                          

Date:             July 27th, 2016

Time:             09.00

In Attendance: Phil Birtwistle (President), Barry Roehrig (Captain), Theo Boelhouwer (Vice Captain and Web Co-ordinator), Keith Stevenson (Treasurer), Ken Flaherty (member and ex-Captain), Mike Jordan (Secretary).


1.    Apologies: Phil de Lacy

2.   Minutes of last Committee Meeting: Agreed that finalised, and approved, although still awaiting to enter approval of finalised version of previous meeting’s minutes from Phil D.

3.    Matters Arising:

a)    The trophies that the Captain had an opportunity to purchase at a good price, as mentioned in A.O.B, were deemed to not be of very good quality and so purchase did not go ahead.

b)    It is confirmed that this year’s AGM will take place at Las Colinas on Sept 14th after the day’s competition and prize giving. A room has been booked.

c)   The blob tin monies of 400 euros designated for giving to Help for Heroes has not yet been transferred due to the charity requesting a delay. Transfer will occur shortly.


4.    Presidents Report (P.B.): Continues to be very happy with how the society is being run.

5.   Captain’s Report (B.R.): Fixtures for Theo’s year as Captain have been finalised, with only a couple of changes required to the original draft version prior to finalisation. However, we are still awaiting final confirmation from the Quara group.

Theo, as Vice Captain, has proposed a change to the Order of Merit format, i.e. that not all games played would count towards the prize, but only an agreed number of results. This would allow more members to have a chance of taking one of the top three prizes awarded. The Committee agreed that it would trial the idea for a year, with the best 25 scores submitted by a player going towards their final points score. This allows more players to have a chance of securing a prize, whilst at the same time continuing to give more of an opportunity to those who support the society more regularly. It will also help do away with priorities being given by some players towards securing Order of Merit points as the end of a season approaches, so allowing a greater chance for more team games.

The Captain’s Day Presentation Dinner is now confirmed for October 1st at Campoamor golf course’s club house. A menu has been selected from the 3 alternatives offered, with the main dishes being a choice of leg of lamb or salmon. The price will be 30 Euros. This will cover everything including all entertainment, which has already been arranged. The latter will most likely be paid for from amounts raised through the raffle to be held. It was agreed that all Committee members’ wives (and perhaps Alan MacDonald) would be presented with flowers. With regard to the raffle, a few more cash prizes would be given than previously.  


Barry visited the Children’s home up near Javea for which he has raised money (sharing the 860 Euros raised with another home near Elche) through supported alcohol abstention, and to which member Steve Davis and his wife are closely linked. He was very impressed by the work of the volunteers in keeping the project running and the efforts being made at becoming self-sufficient.

6.         Secretary's Report (M.J.): No problems in carrying out current duties and supporting Captain as requested. Mentioned that may be around a little less frequently due to work commitments, so others will need to do match reporting when absent.

7.         Treasurers Report (K.S): Keith handed out spread sheet updating current state of accounts to July 24th, 2016. Current Society balance 2,033 Euros.

Asked by Captain to, if possible, break down balance in monthly reports in to what is cash, committed costs and stock values, and to report who holds what amounts of the cash quantity. It was also asked if the Treasurer could take back full control of all cash so that the current situation of different Committee members holding different amounts could be avoided. The Treasurer said he could attempt to do so but would need support with collection and banking money collected. It was agreed that this would be attempted, along with his holding of all stock, from October 1st this year, but bearing in mind Keith’s likelihood of not being able to be present at all games, and his not having direct access to the Society’s account. 

Keith explained that he had not yet been able to transfer the funds he holds, as he mentioned he would at the last CM, but will undertake the transfer of the 400 Euros shortly.

He also reiterated that he continues to feel, due to the amount of money retained in our accounts, rarely less than 2,000 Euros, that more prizes could be given on match days, and that those prizes currently given were biased in their nature in favour of lower handicappers.


8.         Handicap/Match Secretary Report (B.R.): See under Captain’s Report.

9.         Web Co-ordinator Report (T.B.): Theo, after a point raised by Keith, confirmed that the weekly society reports are now posted on Facebook, but that no other SMGS business was.

He is looking at a programme that will allow for all info currently posted on Societygolf, e.g. handicaps and full results sheet, to be transferred to the SMGS site, so doing away with the need for a second site.

10.       Team Captain Report (B.R.): See under Captain’s Report

11)      Any Other Business:

  1. Team Games on Society Days: Keith said that he would like to see more fun games on society days, such as the Texas scramble to be held next month at Roda. Barry pointed out that the day at Roda currently looks like being the poorest supported match day we have had for a long time, although there is clearly the time of the year reason significantly impacting on that. In addition, with so many singles and doubles SMGS match play games taking place over a large period of the season it was not easy to fit such team games in. However, next season, under Theo’s captaincy, it would be attempted to have more such days.


  1. Statement Regarding Charity Selection: It was noted that the Society is getting more requests than previously from members who would like to see donations by SMGS to their chosen society, and that the range of charities being suggested was increasing. The Committee collectively agreed that a statement of some sort should be provided to members to clarify the selection criteria. Principally there are two types that will be supported, those that are local, and those that are supporting a major international disaster response (e.g. to the 2004 South Asian Tsunami and more recent Nepal earthquake). What the charity supports will not necessarily be a factor, e.g. animal care, support to a wide range of people with varying problems (e.g. family, economic, health), and it will always be through agreement by the Committee that support to a named charity will be given. Concerning local charities that are usually less well known than the big internationals, proof of the organisations good standing will first be sort, either by a personal visit or direct contact by a Committee member and/or information sourcing through the internet/others. The President was tasked with producing the statement which he will then share with the other Committee members before circulation/posting.  
  1. Resignation of Ken Flaherty from the Committee: Ken informed the other members that this would be his last meeting and that he was officially resigning with immediate effect from the Committee. This was principally due to health reasons. All thanked Ken for his important contribution made to the running of the Committee and so Society.
  1. Next Year’s Trip Away: Theo said that he was intending to have at least one away

trip next year and was looking at options.


  1. Lateness on Tee: Ken raised the point of frequently witnessing players arriving late on the tee, with some being serial offenders. He asked that the Captain remind members that they needed to be on their 1st tee at least 10 minutes before their actual tee-off time.
  1. No-Shows: Mike raised the issue of those who on more than one occasion do not inform Barry or any other Committee Member about not playing on a particular day, either not long enough in advance or not at all. Barry informed those present that he had had words with a number of people who had not previously informed of their absence and that he would continue to do so as required, and take action if he deemed it necessary.
  1. Preferred Partners: On a question from Mike regarding their continuation, the Captain responded that Property Shop, Hot Spots and MoneyCorps were very likely to continue as partners next season, and that the latter was keen to sponsor a trophy some time next year. With regard to Adrian Rudge, it was not yet clear whether or not he would continue to be a partner.
  1. Next CM: Barry proposed the next Committee meeting to be on Sept 7th at La Finca as he wished to have a final one before his term came to an end, and to discuss and finalise Captain’s Day and Dinner arrangements. The date and time (09.15) was agreed by all.



The meeting closed at 10.35.