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Welcome to the San Miguel Golf Society

San Miguel Golf Society Committee Meeting


Venue:         La Finca                                          

Date:             September 7th, 2016

Time:             09.15

In Attendance: Phil Birtwistle (President), Barry Roehrig (Captain), Theo Boelhouwer (Vice Captain and Web Co-ordinator), Mike Jordan (Secretary), Phil de Lacy (member and ex-Captain)



1.         Apologies: None

2.         Minutes of last Committee Meeting: Approved

3.         Matters arising: None


4.         Presidents Report (P.B.): Continues to be very happy with how the society is being run. Will chair the upcoming AGM.

5.         Captain’s Report (B.R.): The main reason the Captain had called this meeting so soon after the previous CM was due to the need to discuss the upcoming Captain’s Day and Dinner, as well as the AGM. 


Dinner:           Over 100 booked to attend.

Tables sorted out.

Flowers will be given to Committee Members’ Wives. Phil de Lacy will organise and budget for amount per bouquet was set.

The President offered to perform Grace.

The Secretary volunteered (!!) to be the compere for parts of the evening. Barry will do the intro and thank you’s.

Raffle will cover many of the evening’s costs and prizes as well as the dinner invitations of the SMGS partners attending.

Raffle prizes will be mainly green fees at various golf courses, but there will one cash prize of 100 Euros and 4 of 50 Euros each, as well as some alcoholic beverages.

Trophies to be presented are all sorted. Some long time main trophies are not in good condition and will soon need to be replaced


Day:                           Due to the numbers playing and time difference between the first and last tee off times, the prize giving will take place at 7 o´clock. This will give early starters chance to go home and relax, or stay and get happy. 

Food on the day will be covered from society funds and provided by the Captain’s good lady and helpers

There will be 9 guests playing and 3 guest prizes given

La Finca has given an extra voucher for the day


Barry will be away for 6 weeks in October and November and asked that the Committee members take care between them of his various roles (which should be few given that he is stepping down from the Captaincy)



6.         Secretary's Report (M.J.): Mentioned that will likely be away for at least half of October when somebody else will need to do match day reporting. Will do an agenda for the AGM. He relayed points so far received for discussion at the AGM as well as the names of those put forward to stand for the committee positions requiring to be filled.

7.         Treasurers Report: After the last meeting, Keith Stevenson stood down as Treasurer for health reasons. A new Treasurer will be voted in at the AGM on Sept 14. Phil B will talk to Keith regarding funds he still holds and their transferral. The yearly audit needs to take place before the AGM and the President will also assist in arranging a time for the internal auditors (Mick Roscoe and Ron Stenhouse) to sit with Keith to go through the year’s books. Phil D let the meeting know how much he is currently holding, an amount used for competition days which turns over each week.

A discussion was held over who holds society bank cards and who can do on-line banking and how this will have to be changed once new Committee is in place following AGM.


8.         Handicap/Match Secretary Report (B.R.): Barry confirmed all of next season’s fixtures, start times, prices, what vouchers would be received from the courses and which comps would be held where and when. Quara course will not be giving any more vouchers after January 1st, but have reduced their prices across the board to 48 Euros for all (i.e. walkers and those in buggies the same price).

9.         Web Co-ordinator Report (T.B.): Nothing new to report, only to say that still trying to find a way to get tables to show up on our website

10.       Team Captain Report (B.R.): Quesada League will kick off on October 3rd. We will put in 2 teams, one to be Captained by Theo, the other by Phil D. They will soon compile their groups of players to be included with lists needing to be sent to the organizer of the league by September 21st.

The next International League match takes place this coming Saturday (10th) at Lo Romero

Any Other Business:


  1. SMGS Weekly Prizes: Barry presented the following, which was approved by the other members of the Committee:
  1. There will be 3 categories each week unless the turnout is less than 20, then only two categories.
  2. When between 20 and 30 playing the first 3 in each category will receive a prize
  3. When between 30 and 40 players first 4 in each category will receive a prize
  4. When over 40 players first 5 in each category will receive a prize
  5.  Overly large fields, such as on Captain’s Day, prize numbers will be decided based on how many are actually playing, but minimum 5/category
  6. Prize cash amounts given will be the following (not changing with regard to the number of prizes given, i.e. first will always get 25, 2nd 20 etc.):-

1st             - 25 Euros                   4th      - 10 Euros

2nd            - 20 Euros                   5th      - 10 Euros                  

3rd             - 15 Euros

vii)       With guests the following will apply:-  1 Guest           - no prize

                                                                            2 – 4 Guests   - 1 prize

                                                                            4 + Guests      - 2 prizes

When large number of guests will be determined on the day based on numbers playing. Never less than 2. Guest prizes will comprise of golf balls.

viii)            An in it to win it prize will always be 10 Euros. There will be 1 prize for every total of 10 cards entered, e.g. 30 cards 3 prizes, 36 cards 3 prizes, 40 cards 4 prizes 

  1. SMGS Count Back Methodology: Whilst recognizing that a motion has been entered for the AGM to alter the SMGS count back system for separating ties, Barry wished to clarify the current position. This is that:-

In stableford competitions there will be a count back over the last 9, then 6, 3, 12 and 15 holes in that order to determine a winner. In medal competitions the best net score at each hole commencing in numerical order from the stroke index 1 hole will be used to decide which player wins.

C)   Help for Heroes Blob Tin: This has still not been given and it appears that Help for Heroes is being investigated by the Charities Commission in the UK. Therefore we will hold on handing the amount over. Should the current doubts look as though they will be proven we will instead give the same amount to a different charity   



The meeting closed at 10.50. The date for the next Committee meeting was not set, but should take place around the beginning of December.