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Welcome to the San Miguel Golf Society

San Miguel Golf Society Committee 2017 -2018


Phil Birtwistle President 966318538
Tony Smale Captain 628227687
Robin Eastman Vice-Captain 672900510
Mike Jordan Secretary 639129223
Wendy Smale Treasurer 628227687
Phil de Lacy Member  652553362
Norman Cahill Member 637938037



Constitution of San Miguel Golf Society (Society Constitution - Last updated 2012-08-03)


1. NAME: 
1.1 The name of the society shall be SAN MIGUEL GOLF SOCIETY know as SMGS. 

2. AIMS: 
2.1 The aim of SMGS as a non-profit making organization is to play & promote golf at a selection of the local courses on the Costa Blanca in S.E. Spain in a sociable & economical environment. 

3.1 The playing members of SMGS shall be under no financial liability by reason of their membership, save the annual membership fee & small competition entry fee at each meeting. Both these amounts will be determined by the General Committee (known as GC ). 

4.1 Amateur & professional golfers of either sex aged 16 or over are eligible to apply for playing membership. Once joined, all members are deemed to have accepted to be bound by the Constitution. 

4.2 Having met the criteria for membership laid down by the GC, the playing member will be liable to pay the full annual subscription & future renewals to the SMGS Treasurer. 

4.3 It is the responsibility of members to ensure that their subscription renewals are paid not later than 90 days after the end of SMGS’s financial year which is determined by the GC.It shall not be obligatory for any form of reminder notices to be issued. If any renewal is not paid within the said 90 days then membership of SMGS will be considered to have lapsed. 

4.4 Applications for playing membership must be on the forms provided for that purpose which must be fully completed and signed by the candidate. Acceptance or otherwise will be at the discretion of the GC. 

5.1 The officers making up the GC of SMGS shall be voted in by the membership at the AGM. The officers will be the President, Secretary, Captain, Vice Captain, League Team Captain, Treasurer & Handicap Secretary. 3 other members can be co-opted & 2 more can be put forward & voted in at a AGM. The terms of office for all positions will be 12 months. Their relevant duties will be decided by the GC. 

5.2 Any 2 members of SMGS may nominate any member to serve as an officer or on the GC. The name of the member so nominated must be sent in writing or by email to the Secretary by a closing date determined by the GC which will be no less than 14 days before the AGM. The nomination shall be in the prescribed form incorporating the (signed ) consent of the nominated member to serve if elected. The GC may at their discretion request nominees to attend an interview and/or submit a letter or email detailing their credentials for seeking such appointment. 

6.1 The GC shall have all such administrative powers as may be necessary for carrying out the objects & aims of SMGS in accordance with this Constitution & it will meet at such regular intervals as it considers necessary to carry out its obligations. These meetings will be chaired by the Captain or in their absence, the Vice Captain. The President shall hold the casting vote. 

6.2 Any 5 members of the GC shall form a quorum & will have the authority to make any urgent decisions as may arise & any such decisions shall be subject to ratification at the next full meeting. 

6.3 Any committee member who consistently fails to fulfill their obligations may be requested by the GC to relinquish their position. 

7.1 If circumstances permit an AGM shall be held during the second half of September each year chaired by the president or in their absence, the Secretary, who would then hold the President’s casting vote. The purpose of this meeting is to announce the names of all who would make up the GC & for any other such business as may be permitted in accordance with this constitution. 

7.2 At any AGM or EGM of SMGS all members shall be entitled to attend & vote on every relevant issue raised. The Secretary shall be responsible for taking the minutes of all such meetings. 

7.3 Members wishing to raise such matters for discussion or to be voted upon under “ Any Other Business” at an AGM must convey them in writing to the secretary no later than 14 days prior to the meeting. 

7.4 The GC may call a EM of the membership giving no less than 28 days notice. 

7.5 Members seeking an EM may petition the GC clearly detailing the issue, No less than 10 paid up members must sign such a petition. If the GC consents to such a meeting then a suitable time & venue should be agreed. Members would be at liberty to submit any amendments to any proposition but no later than 10 days prior to the meeting. 

8.1 In respect of any issue before an AGM or EM, proxy votes will be accepted from members entitled to vote but who are unable to attend any such meeting. These votes should be in writing or by email to the secretary who must receive them no less than 24 hours before the meeting. 

9.1 Any dispute or complaint which may arise regarding the activities of SMGS shall be determined by the GC whose decision will be final & binding on all members. 

9.2 SMGS shall, whenever necessary, exercise the disciplinary powers delegated to it under the constitutions of the European Golf Union & the Ladies Golf Union in respect of any breach of the rules of those Unions or for conduct which prejudices the interests of the Unions in the game. 

10.1 SMGS recognizes the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews as the ruling body of amateur golf & agrees to abide by the rules of golf & amateur status laid down by such body. 

10.2 Any member may resign their playing membership at any time but no refund of subscription will be available for any unexpired portion of a membership year. 

10.3 In response to complaints as to the conduct of members. SMGS may undertake any inquiry & will adopt in respect of all members the instructions laid down by the European Golf Union. 

10.4 The GC may expel or suspend for a specific period any member whose conduct is such that in the opinion of the GC it may be detrimental to the reputation or interests of SMGS. 

10.5 Illegal betting, excessive drunkenness, offensive language & any other gross misconduct will not be permitted at any golf meeting or function at which SMGS is represented 

11.1 SMGS shall welcome visitors to enjoy the golfing facilities subject to the payment of the appropriate fees laid down by the GC. Standard allowance to be 2 guests per member, more than this to be sanctioned by & organized through the Secretary. 

11.2 Visitors must not consist of persons whose application for membership of SMGS may have been turned down or may have been expelled from SMGS. The introducing member shall be wholly responsible for the conduct of their guest (s). 

12.1 All handicaps of the SMGS membership shall be calculated & controlled in accordance with the method adopted by the RFEG & EGA. 

12.2 Any new member not holding a current PGA or EGA handicap must submit 3 cards then a valid assessment will be made by the Handicap Secretary in accordance with the rules of golf. 

12.3 Guests should produce a current handicap certificate, if not then a playing handicap will be awarded at the discretion of the Handicap Secretary. 

13.1 The type & format of competitions to be played through the year will be decided by the Captain in consultation with the GC. 

13.2 All competitions will be played from the tee markers as placed by the Golf Clubs. ( Red tees for the Ladies, Yellow tees for men ). 

13.3 In the event of ties the final results will be determined as follows: In stableford comps there will be a count back over the last 9,6,3,12 & 15 holes in that order. In medal comps the best net score at each hole commencing in numerical order from stroke index 1. 

13.4 All competitions will be played under “The Rules of Golf “of the R & A together with S.M.G.S. local rules.  

13.5 Player and marker must both sign the competition score cards. Failure to do so could result in disqualification of the player. 

14.1 The GC shall have powers to deal with all matters not covered within this Constitution. 

14.2 All members and guests are required to familiarize themselves & act in accordance with section 1 (Etiquette) of the Rules of Golf. 

14.3 The GC shall not be jointly or severally liable or responsible for any physical injury, loss or damage suffered by members ,their guests or others, however caused whether by negligence or otherwise, while playing with SMGS. 

14.4 Members & guests are responsible for affecting their own insurance cover, particularly against third party liability, & are strongly recommended to do so. 

14.5 The dress code shall be determined by the relevant Golf Club, but in all cases a minium standard of smart casual will be required.