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Minutes of San Miguel Golf Society Committee Meeting


Venue:         Lo Romero                                    

Date:             June 14th, 2017

Time:             15.00

In Attendance: Phil Birtwistle (President), Theo Boelhouwer (Captain), Tony Smale (Vice-Captain), Barry Roehrig (Match Day Secretary), Mike Jordan (Secretary), Phil de Lacy (member and ex-Captain), Robin Eastman (member’s representative)


1.         Apologies: Wendy Smale (Treasurer)

2.         Minutes of last Committee Meeting: Approved

3.         Matters arising: None

4.         Presidents Report (P.B.): Continues to be happy with all

5.         Captain’s Report (T.B.): Captain’s dinner will be Sept 27th, Captain’s Day at Las Colinas on the prior Wednesday. AGM at La Finca on 6th September after golf.   

6.         Secretary's Report (M.J.): Nothing new to report regarding role. Informed that likely to be playing less often. Match day reporting in absence will be undertaken by the President.

7.         Treasurers Report (on behalf of W.S): In the Treasurers absence the Vice-Captain passed on Monthly Finance Reports for March and April. Balance to be brought forward to May 2,932.99 Euros.

This year’s shirt purchase (100) has currently been kept separate from the accounts and needs to be incorporated once finalised. Seventy-seven have so far been sold, 9 given away to new members who paid increased membership fee, one to a sponsor. Remaining stock accounted for through placed orders bar 3 medium sized. By July shirt situation will be clarified and subsequently correctly entered in accounts.

1,000 new balls just been ordered.

Phil de Lacy, for match day purposes, holding around 700 euros in cash.

Most recent bank statement showed 1,733 euros present in account.

Under this section Committee Members discussed the situation with the bank account and whether to continue with an account requiring signatories or to open up a new society account so taking responsibility away from individuals directly, and separating the account off from those same individuals. Following advice gained by the President from his bank manager it was determined to continue for now as have been, opening the account with Banco Popular (being taken over by Santander, but assume account will continue in same way). The home branch will be in Punta Prima. The three signatories were selected as the President, Treasurer and Secretary. Debit cards will be received by all three once their details are sent to the bank, which the President will arrange for. The President will oversee the on-line banking. 

The amount of funds held has been going down quite quickly, as was planned previously. This is principally because many courses are no longer giving the society vouchers (only now receiving, and in more limited numbers, from Alenda, Vistabella, Font de Llop and Las Colinas) which were then sold to members playing, and because we have maintained the prize levels. It was considered to readjust prize categories and to what place paid. However, the committee will wait until Barry undertakes a forecast and the meeting in August to decide if changes will occur from October 1st.

It was agreed that in future (from October 1st) members would pay membership fees through bank transfer. This will make things easier and do away with individuals needing to collect and hold money. As of end of April there were 125 paid up members.

8.         Handicap/Match Day Secretary Report (B.R.): Barry informed that he is going to be Captain of the Elite Society at La Finca and so will step down from his duties and be playing less with San Miguel. He will support as requested, but will not be seeking re-election in September. Steve Higgins has offered to do each week’s results. Norman Cahill has said that he would be happy to come on to the Committee.

9.         Web Co-ordinator Report (T.B.): Societygolf is going to start charging soon for its use. Expected to be around 40 euros/year. All agreed to carry on using it and pay the fee as it was a useful site for entering handicap information, and it would cost more to get an app doing the same.

Any Other Business:

  1. Charity Tins: Around 200 currently being held. Letters of thanks from receiving charities are being posted on the website. Given the reduction in bank money held it was discussed whether the blob tin should be stopped for raising funds for charity and used instead to create funds for the society. It was agreed that the blob tin would remain for charity donation, and if not then would most probably be done away with. Using the money instead for the society would cause other headaches, including equitable distribution amongst members of whatever was collected.

  1. New Members: The society remains open to the joining of new members

  1. MJ raised the point of mixing up those playing more often as it is felt by some that groups are forming within the society, particularly between walkers and non-walkers, low handicappers, medium handicappers and the rest. On days where all use buggies, such as at Las Colinas and Alicante, would be open to this. The Captain agreed that he would try to mix things up more.

  1. BR will look at sourcing from Decathlon end of season trophies for presentation at the Captain’s Dinner.

The meeting closed at 16.15. The next Committee meeting will take place around the middle of August.