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Minutes of San Miguel Golf Society Committee Meeting

Venue:         La Serena                                      

Date:             August 16th, 2017

Time:             09.15

In Attendance: Phil Birtwistle (President), Theo Boelhouwer (Captain), Tony Smale (Vice-Captain), Barry Roehrig (Match Day Secretary), Mike Jordan (Secretary), Phil de Lacy (member and ex-Captain), Robin Eastman (member’s representative)


1.         Apologies: Wendy Smale (Treasurer)

2.         Minutes of last Committee Meeting: Approved

3.         Matters arising: None

4.         Presidents Report (P.B.): Continues to be happy with all.

Raised question put by bank where now hold Society account. Need a name to put on the credit card to be used. Cannot put all signatories. Agreed that the President’s name would be used. Card only used for buying golf balls and the occasional bottles of wine.

Will put together a list of which charities the society has donated to over time and put this up on the SMGS website.

5.         Captain’s Report (T.B.): Put forward changes to the Order of Merit for next year. Committee agreed that it would remain the same as for this. This season’s last round will take place on Sept 13th.

Awaiting confirmation of location, menus etc. for Captain’s presentation night. Gave a list of the raffle prizes suggested to be given on the night. It was agreed that these will be altered before the evening to reflect less prizes but of greater worth. Raffle tickets will start to be sold from next week. The vice-Captain will speak to Galaxy Golf to see if they would donate prizes. Alicante Golf has given us two vouchers for the raffle. A sub-committee will be set up to help organise the evening.

It is intended to establish a working group to look at our handicapping system. Meanwhile we will continue to use Societygolf, paying the newly introduced fee for using its services once that is introduced. The cost will be  UKP 40/year, considered well worth it when compared to the need to acquire other programmes for ourselves. Handicap Master is the main alternative to be investigated.

Start sheets have been prepared for the incoming Captain to use.

6.         Secretary's Report (M.J.): Nothing new to report.

7.         Treasurer’s Report (on behalf of W.S): In the Treasurers absence the Vice-Captain passed on the Monthly Finance Report for July, which showed an end balance of 1,221.20 Euros. The accounts for July were approved.

This year’s shirt purchase (100) and sales currently remains separated from the overall accounts. Will be incorporated once finalised.

Phil de Lacy reported that for reasons unknown 3 first prize envelopes and 1 “In it to Win it” were missing from those taken to Alicante for the match there. It is unclear what happened. The Committee determined to not attribute blame for the loss and to write off the amount of 85 Euros, the total of the 4 prizes mislaid.

Funds continue to diminish quite rapidly. Changes will be trialled in prizes given each week (see below) to attempt to reduce expenditure, which will, if prizes given remain the same, outstrip income.

It was reiterated that in future (from October 1st) members would pay membership fees through bank transfer. This will make things easier and do away with individuals needing to collect and hold money. It was agreed that the membership fee would be increased for next season to 17.5 Euros for those renewing and remain at 25 Euros for new members.

Use of a weekly income and expenditure sheet is proving useful for managing funds.

Robin and Barry are now jointly opening the blob tin once full.

Mick Roscoe and Ron Stenhouse will again conduct, when due, the audit of this year’s accounts.

8.         Handicap/Match Day Secretary Report (B.R.): Barry had undertaken a cash flow forecast that indicated changes in prizegiving amounts paid out would be needed to offset the giving of less vouchers by courses. Based on an average of around 36 playing per week throughout the year, losses would run at 50/60 Euros/week if changes were not introduced. Barry suggested that the above mentioned (under Treasurer’s Report) restructuring of prizes should lead to 2 divisions with 5 winners each, first prize being increased to 30 Euros (prizes being from 1st to 5th 30,25,20,15,10 Euros respectively). The Committee agreed that this will be trialled from October 1st. It also agreed the rise in the continuing member fee, also stated under Treasurer’s Report.

From soundings it seems that member numbers may reduce next year, another reason for a need to be more careful with expenditure.

Barry reported that Quara courses remain unreceptive to societies and that it is likely that we will continue to phase out Las Ramblas, Villamartin and La Finca. They have yet to reply to our request for confirmation of playing dates for next year.

9.         Web Co-ordinator Report (T.B.): Continuing to upgrade.

Any Other Business:

  1. AGM: Will take place at La Finca after the round on Sept 6th. Members have been informed and asked to send in any points they wish raised under A.O.

  1. Local Rules: Barry has put together a list of rules to be followed by the Society on golf days as opposed to those local rules of each individual golf course played. The rules will be sent out to all members and will be finalised and approved at the AGM. The Committee has agreed their content.

  1. Committee: Barry will not stand for re-selection for Committee for next year. Norman Cahill will be proposed at AGM to join.

  1. There is concern over those cancelling playing informing Barry or Theo late in the day. Courses are more and more requesting that we pay a fee for the non-attendees. If this is invoked then all members lose out as society funds have to be used. It is suggested that from October 1st players not showing without what is accepted by the in-charge Committee member of the day as an acceptable reason will be fined 50% of the green fee. Persistent offenders will no longer be allowed to play with the society. These points will be further debated at the AGM and approved as determined by the Committee.

The meeting closed at 10.45. The next Committee gathering will take place around the middle of November.