Knockout is dead long live the league

 In place of the singles and doubles knockout competitions the committee have decided to introduce a more inclusive competition in the form of a league. How does it work? Simple, you arrange a match and play it on any Society day. Each player gets a point for every hole won and the winner gets bonus points. You can play all the members in your league once. Only your best six results count. This means you are always in with a chance even if you loose a few matches.    


  • Comp runs from  Jan-August 2020
  • The league will split depending on the number of entrants.
  • You cannot change league during the year.
  • You can play all the players in your league once (may be more depending on numbers).
  • One point for each hole won in a match. Two points to the winner. One point each for a draw.
  • Refusal to play another player during the comp window = Disqualification (MC decision is final).
  • The best 6 match scores will count 
  • In the result of a tie 1st place will be determined on count back. Best 5,4,3,2,1. 
  • All matches to be completed by end of August
  • All matches must be arranged in advance and booked in via the website or the sheets.
  • Normal rules for match play apply except no concessions, holes must be played out for any concurrent comp.   

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Doubles Matchplay

No Doubles competition this year. There might be a doubles final in September. Finalists picked from the highest placed available players in the singles league/s. Open to other suggestions.