SMG Local Rules

SMG Local Rules

  • IMMOVABLE OBSTRUCTIONS: (Relief: a free drop within 1 club length of the nearest point of relief, no nearer the hole) They include all roads, paths, drain grills, permanent buildings & their walls, steps, sprinkler heads, well pumps and any protruding parts of a underground pump house. EXCEPTIONS ARE: Out of bounds walls & fences where relief (2 club-lengths) may only be taken under penalty of one stroke.
  •  PICK & PLACE: Is in place all year unless the Captain or committee decide otherwise. Players can mark, lift, clean and replace the ball within a scorecard (no nearer the hole) only when it originally lies in a “Closely mown area”*. 
  • When placing: Mark the position of your ball with a tee peg or marker before lifting to clean. You may replace the ball within a scorecard of the marker, no nearer the hole. *”Closely mown area” means any part of the golf course that is mowed to fairway height. Therefore, it does not include any rough or putting greens, but may include aprons around the greens or paths mowed through rough.) If there is any doubt consult a fellow golfer or play the ball as it lies. Penalty for improper pick and place = 2 strokes. 
  • IMBEDDED BALL:  A player may take relief with no penalty from a ball which has imbedded itself in its own pitch mark on any part of the course except in a hazard. Relief can be taken from the plugged lie, the ball cleaned and dropped, as near as possible to the spot where it lay and no nearer the hole.
  • IMPORTANT: Relief is only available from the original imbedded position – your fellow players should be involved if relief is sought under this rule from any lie other than   on the fairway or green. If in doubt please follow rule 6.

  • ON THE PUTTING SURFACE:  When on the green, players may repair or simply tap down any pitch marks or stud marks.
  • RULING:  If a player has any doubts as to a ruling during play then he/she should inform their fellow players and proceed to play 2 balls and approach the committee for a ruling at the end of the round.
  • “GIMMIES”: There are no “gimmies” with SMGS, you have to putt the ball into the hole. A “gimmie” awarded by your opponent in match-play must be putted out for the day’s stroke-play competition.
  • GENERAL PLAY:  Please be on the 1st tee at least 10 mins before your tee time. To avoid slow play please remember – You are playing behind the group in front, NOT in front of the group behind........PLEASE KEEP UP BEHIND THEM.
  • LATE CANCELLATION:  If you unexpectedly cannot play and need to cancel, please telephone the number on the website start sheet a.s.a.p.

Members who are booked in and fail to turn up without informing anyone on committee will be liable for a small fine (up to a full green fee) to be paid before his/her next game. Persistent no shows may be barred from access to the Time sheet for a stipulated period, by Committee decision.

  • PRESENTATION:  You are expected to stay for the presentation after the game, if you cannot stay please extend your apology to the Captain. Failure to do so could likely jeopardise any prizes which you may have won.

A Reminder of a couple of Rules of golf,1, You cannot touch or move anything in a hazard.2, You cannot improve your lie in any way except when there is pick and placing.3, On a point of etiquette, before reporting to the 1st tee all players should ensure their mobile devices are in "silent" mode. Their use on the course should be limited to emergencies and/or extenuating circumstances and thought should always be given to playing